Train With Purpose

Delsa-1 allows you to do more with less. Featuring 6 different, grip options, from narrow to wide grip, and multiple height adjustments for increased intensity, this all-in-one, minimalistic yet functional piece of at-home exercise equipment is all that you need to spice up your workout routine.

  • Chest & Arms

    You can easily switch from a wide-grip to a narrow-grip position targeting your chest to your triceps in just a few seconds.

  • Abs & Obliques

    Combine upper body exercise with a variation of planks targeting your midsection to train your abs from anywhere.

  • Back & Shoulders

    Perform a variety of back and shoulder exercise to release tension and improve flexibility.

Side-to-Side Push-Up

Placing your feet shoulder width apart on the floor, begin to shift your body from side to side, arms remaining bent as if you were in mid-pushup form.

Triceps Dips

At the highest incline position begin to lower your body to the ground followed by pressing strong through the top part of the dip.

Diamond Push-Up

Moving the grip to the most narrow of positions, the diamond pushup requires strength and focus, training your chest and triceps while engaging your core!

Incline Gecko Push Up

Starting in a high pushup position bring your right knee towards your right elbow. Once completed, bring the right leg back to center and repeat on the left side.

Cobra Push Up

The cobra pushup is a yoga like movement, stretching the lower back, the groin and abdominal region and hip flexors

Knee To Elbow Push Up

This exercise is much like the Incline Gecko pushup, however you’re actually tucking your knee inward toward the opposite elbow, targeting your oblique and midsection.